sia LānserYour shoes are in good hands


Polyurethane heeltaps5,707,10
Wear off-resistant rubber heeltaps6,4010,60
Metal heeltaps7,0010,00
Heeltap for mens' shoes (France - TOPI)10,0014,00
Soles for wear off prevention (women)10,0012,00
Soles for wear off prevention (men)11,0014,00
Heel upholstery change22,5028,50
Heel, complete replacement(women)18,5028,50
Heel, complete replacement (men)24,0037,00
Supinator replacement 1 еа.9,5012,90
Supinator replacement with addition of metal heel plate11,4017,00
Soles' cracks/fracture repair + safeguard14,0020,00
Insoles (leather) repair 1 pc6,407,80
Zipper replacement8,5020,00
Re-welting around soles by hand14,0022,90
Patching 1 ea7,0014,00
Current sole re-glueing7,008,90
Insoles replacement 1 pc.7,0010,00
Heel counter replacement 2 pcs.22,9028,90
Metal fastener installation/and other implementations 1 pc.0,702,80
Soles, full replacement21,0027,00
Complete repair57,0085,00
Cuff stiching (leather boots)22,5035,50
Cuff stiching (non-leather boots)22,5035,50
Shoe shining/cleaning for smooth leather3,507,00
Vamp stretching5,509,00
Heel reinforcement 1 ea.5,508,50
Heel fastening10,50
Cuff stretching5,508,50
General shoe repair (vamp) 1 ea.12,0023,50
Metal sole installation 2 pcs7,00


Replacement of fasteners/zippers 1 pc.9,0017,00
Zipper's slider replacement 1 ea.3,006,00
Handle Replacement 1 ea.14,0025,00
Handle repair 1 ea.7,0015,00
Patching 1 pc.6,0010,00
Handle's reinforcement 1 ea.3,006,00
Magnet imposition 1 pc.6,0012,00
Hardware Replacement.5,0020,00
Various sewing labour3,0015,00
Complete replacement of handle mounts 1 ea.3,009,00